Spending too much time on your client's ecommerce IOSS and Union OSS VAT Calculations?

Are you wasting time manually calculating Net sales and VAT due in the UK and EU for your eCommerce clients? Get accurate sales and VAT figures for all your client’s VAT requirements, making filing your clients OSS/IOSS returns a piece of cake

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Accurate OSS & IOSS

Get accurate OSS and IOSS VAT calculation done for all your client’s eCommerce sales on different platforms and marketplaces

Save money

With our partner program, you can get special pricing and other benefits apart from getting precise IOSS and OSS done for your clients.

Stay compliant

Get reports with accurate sales and VAT figures for all 27 EU member states. File your client’s OSS/IOSS returns on time before the deadline and help them stay compliant.

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Trusted by 100’s of small, medium and large accounting firms and advisors

Highly recommend for Amazon eCommerce retailers

Tax calculation should be a simple job for an accountant, yet we used to pay ridiculous money for something that is fairly straightforward. Now with SalesVAT, I spend just one fifth of what I used to pay, but I feel much better organised. Highly recommend SalesVAT for Amazon eCommerce retailers.

Marco Origez, Amazon seller

Five start rating

Can’t imagine my business without it

We have recently expanded from just Amazon into eBay and Shopify. I dreaded about how I was going to pull all the sales data together and calculate the VAT. SalesVAT made my VAT calculation and filing really simple and I did not even have to use a VAT consultant. Couldn’t be more happier.

Helen Shultz, Online store owner

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Why salesVAT for accountants and advisors?

Get VAT calculations done in just few clicks

No matter the number of transactions or platforms that your clients use - we got you covered. Get all your client’s EU and UK VAT figures on one simple report and in less than 60 seconds. File your client’s VAT online and help them stay compliant to tax regulations.

Accurate EU/UK VAT report for all your client’s transactions

Get a detailed VAT report with accurate VAT figures for all your client’s transactions in the UK and EU member states. Help your clients stay VAT compliant for both OSS and IOSS

Help clients stay VAT compliant for both OSS and IOSS

Easily account for marketplace and seller liable transactions, for both EU and nonEU based sellers. salesVAT makes producing reports a breeze and will save you time.

Spend more time collaborating with clients, less on taxes

No more worrying about manual VAT calculation for your eCommerce clients. Upload data and get accurate sales tax figures in not more than 60 seconds.

How does salesVAT work?


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Upload your data

  • Download your sales data from webstores (Amazon/eBay/Shopify)
  • Import your CSV/XLSX data into salesVAT

Get your VAT reports

  • Choose any month, quarter or custom period
  • Export SAF-T, EC Sales Lists, VAT Audit and EU IOSS Filing Figures


What is salesVAT?

salesVAT is an automated VAT calculation software specially built to help eCommerce businesses and online sellers trading in the UK and EU get their VAT calculations right. Whether you are trading on Amazon, Shopify, eBay or in multiple channels – salesVAT can seamlessly integrate with your web store and get you a detailed VAT report with just one click and within 60 seconds.

Will it cost me extra if I use this software?

No, you can cut out on expensive consulting and filing fees when you use this software. You can file your own VAT from anywhere in the world and stay compliant to tax regulations.

What if I forget the VAT deadlines and miss the filing dates?

With salesVAT, you do not need to remember your VAT deadline dates. Once set up, we remember your VAT filing dates and will notify you if the deadline is approaching.

How do I monitor the threshold to register for VAT?

If you are nearing the threshold to register for VAT, our smart analytics software monitors your data and warns you when you exceed the thresholds.

How to calculate historic VAT?

If you need to go back and do VAT calculations for the previous time periods, all you need to do is import your data for the corresponding period and get your VAT report in seconds.

Is my data secure?

Yes, you can rest assured that your data is secure with us. We fully comply with the requirements for all of our services to be GDPR ready and ensure organisational and technical security for all services accordingly.

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salesVAT is a software as a service platform that enables automated VAT calculation for both UK and EU online sellers. These online sellers include Amazon, eBay, Shopify, BigCommerce etc or any other webstore. salesVAT can handle data from any source and provide you with simple yet powerful reports in seconds.

salesVAT - an affordable and easy to use VAT calculation automation software. Start your free trial.